Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A beginning: an International Symposium in Korea in Nov. 2013

Speakers in the International Symposium, Nov. 2013
On 14 and 15 November 2013, UNESCO in cooperation with the Gwacheon National Science Museum and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO organized the International Symposium towards Multi-Functional Science Centres and Science Museums that was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The main purpose of the Symposium was to explore an appropriate approach to optimize the multi-functions of science centres and science museums as an informal science and technology educational institution, a facilitator for social interaction between science and society, a platform for scientific and technological based cultural activities, an agent for the promotion of technological innovation (economic development) and an actor in STI policy formulation and in increasing the participation of the public in the decision making process.

The symposium shared knowledge on the on-going transformation of the role of science centres and science museums; and explored suitable approaches to optimize these potential roles and functions.

Participants from France, Korea, The Philipines, Macao, Thailand, Colombia, Costa Rica, Japan, India, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and Egypt, presented their papers in four sessions, as follows:

Visit to the Gwancheon National Science Museum
  1. Science communication to better confront global challenges.
  2. Facilitators of dialogue between the scientific community, society and policy makers.
  3. Developing intercultural understanding and peace building.
  4. Science centers and science museums as informal education institutions.
A visit to the Gwacheon National Science Museum was part of the second day inmmersion experience. 

At the end of the two days, an agreement was taken by the participants to continue the collaboration and move forward in different fronts. This blog aims to continue the interactions, strengthen the topical conversations, promote partnerships, share the resources and ideas, and more.

Pictures of the Symposium
By the organizing Committee:

More photos of the Symposium and the environment.

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